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Navigating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization: Plugins vs. Azure Functions

Embarking on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization journey offers numerous opportunities to enhance your business processes. However, deciding between the available options, such as Plugins and Azure Functions, can be challenging. This engaging post will serve as your trusty guide, helping you choose the best option for your Dynamics 365 customization needs!

The Two Customization Pathfinders: Plugin and Azure Function

The Agile Plugin 🏃‍♂️

Reference: Microsoft Docs - Write a plug-in

Plugins are like the swift trail runners of the Dynamics 365 customization world. They're the go-to choice for quick, real-time (synchronous), or background (asynchronous) operations that occur within the platform. They can intercept events and modify data before it's saved or displayed to the user.

Choose Plugins when:

  • You need real-time processing (synchronous) or background processing (asynchronous).
  • You want to ensure data integrity.
  • You need tight integration with Dynamics 365.

Plugins might not be the best choice for long-running processes, as they could slow down the overall performance of your system if synchronous or consume system resources if asynchronous.

The Powerful Azure Function 🚀

Reference: Microsoft Docs - Azure Functions Documentation

Azure Functions, like the high-powered rocket ships of the customization world, bring power and scalability to your Dynamics 365 customizations. They're perfect for more complex or compute-intensive tasks that require the full power of the Azure platform. Azure Functions can be triggered by various events and can interact with other Azure services, opening up a world of possibilities.

Choose Azure Functions when:

  • You need advanced processing capabilities or complex logic.
  • You require integration with other Azure services.
  • You want to leverage the power and scalability of Azure.

Azure Functions could be overkill for simple, real-time operations, so consider Plugins if your customization needs are more straightforward.

To integrate Azure Functions with Dynamics 365, you can create a custom connector in Power Apps, which can also be applied to Dynamics 365. This approach allows you to call your Azure Function from within your Dynamics 365 solution.


To recap, choose Plugins for real-time (synchronous) or background (asynchronous) operations with tight integration to Dynamics 365, and Azure Functions for advanced processing capabilities and integration with other Azure services. With this guide, you're now equipped to navigate the Dynamics 365 customization landscape and select the perfect customization pathfinder for your needs! 🌄


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