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Reusable Method To Get Record By Id

I have a handful of reusable code that I use when creating plugins or external process (i.e. Azure Functions) for working with DataVerse. The first one I am providing is Getting a Record By Id:

1:  private static Entity GetFullRecord(string entityName, string primaryKey, Guid recordId, IOrganizationService service)  
2:  {  
3:       using (OrganizationServiceContext context = new OrganizationServiceContext(service))  
4:       {  
5:            return (from e in context.CreateQuery(entityName)  
6:            where (Guid)e[primaryKey] == recordId  
7:            select e).Single();  
8:       }  
9:  }  
  • entityName = The logical name of the entity
  • primaryKey = The primary key field for the entity. If using late binding you can create this dynamically by doing:
    • $"{target.LogicalName}id"
  • recordId = Guid of the record to get
  • service = Service to interact with DataVerse


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