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Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Within Microsoft Teams

In my SCRIBE Online blog , I wrote about how we can use SCRIBE Online in Microsoft Teams.  In this post I am going to talk about how we can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Microsoft Teams.  For those that might not be familiar with Microsoft Teams, it was released by Microsoft in 2017 to help increase communication and productivity within Teams.  The best part about Microsoft Teams is it is 100% FREE.  Click here to download Microsoft Teams .  Since it's release there have be many updates and added connectors, that increase its functionality and usability. To leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 within Microsoft Teams we can use either the Website Tab or the Dynamics 365 Connector.  First we will start with how to add the Website Tab. In you team, choose the channel you want to add the tab too. Click the "+" in the channel you have chosen and you will get a pop-up Click on "Website" There will be a pop-up asking to input the tab name and URL.  At this point you

Using SCRIBE Online to Migrate Opportunities Into Microsoft Dynamics 365

  Recently while creating map's for a data migration from a legacy system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 using SCRIBE Online, I found that I needed to bring in Opportunities.  Anyone that has worked with CRM for a time, know's that migrating closed opportunities into CRM can be a bit of a pain.  I was having one issue in particular when bring this data in, the actual close date was being set to the day the record was migrated into CRM.  This is because of how CRM handles opportunities when they are closed. Here is what I was doing: I performed all my look ups first to get the associated account and contact from CRM. I created the opportunity with the closed status of won or lost (see links below for website to get the standard values for reference). This makes the opportunity as read only (which I expected to have happen.  But, the actual close date was set for the day the record was created.  Even though I provided a date in the actual close date field. Why is th

Getting Your Data Into Dynamics 365 - Data Migration

When doing an implementation of Dynamics 365, it is rare that a new system is being setup with no data needing to be brought into it.  When looking into how to get that data into the new system, it can be really confusing trying to decide which tool to choose.  In my experience, people tend to choose the tool to use based on price and this should really be the last thing to consider.  That is one of the reasons I will not talk about price in this post.  Instead I will stick to the Pro's and Con's for each tool and provide an overview of the tool and any experience(s) with each. Here are the tools we will be looking at in this post: KingswaySoft SCRIBE Online D365 Data Import Wizard D365 Data Loader KingswaySoft: KingswaySoft is an integration toolkit built on SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).  It is an on-premise solution (but can be cloud if installed on virtual machine in Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS).  It can be used for integration, migration and replication

SCRIBE Stream Deck Version 2 Release - v02.01.2017

In a previous post , I talked about using SCRIBE Online with my Stream Deck .  The way I did this was creating a few small programs that I connects to an open button on my Stream Deck.  This was a temporary solution I created as a proof of concept.  What I didn't like about it was that I didn't have all the SCRIBE functions on it and I had to create multiple projects in visual studio.  But, it did prove that what I wanted to do could be done.  Since that post I have rewritten the project into one application that does the following: Allows for user created functions without having to change code. Provides all the SCRIBE functions on the Stream Deck. Provides buttons to launch SCRIBE Online, SCRIBE Forums, and SCRIBE Help. Provides buttons for cut, copy, paste. Here is an overview of the application: The purpose of this application is to allow the Stream Deck to be used with SCRIBE Online. On start this application will end the stock Stream Deck application before st