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How to Render Raw HTML Column in View in Power Pages

 Recently I had a requirement for a client to convert their existing site over to Power Pages.  One of the items I needed to convert was a "Recent Announcements" page.  This is a pretty straightforward page with only a title of "Recent Announcements" and a grid showing the announcements.  The grid only has two columns, 'Created On' and 'Message'.  The problem I had to solve was I used the Rich Text Editor control on the 'Message' field.  This means that raw HTML was stored in the field.  Out of the box Power Pages can't render the raw HTML in the column.  This means in the Power Page would have raw HTML showing instead of a nicely formatted message.  This is easily solved with a small JavaScript function. The first thing I did was create a custom entity in DataVerse called Announcement.  Here is the layout of the fields: Changed the primary name field from 'Name' to 'Subject'. Added a multi-line text field called 'Mess